Kumquats = Love

Kumquat, the Golden Orange

Above: A young kumquat warrior prepares to fight in the name of deliciousness.

Sitting in front of me is a rapidly dwindling package of one of my favorite fruits. I often spend many happy minutes sorting through baskets brimming with kumquats in the grocery store, and though they are not at all uncommon, I often am asked about them by someone mildly curious about this fruit that is once familiar and a bit strange.

The most common question is, “do you eat the skin?” To which I would reply, “It’s the best part!” Strictly speaking, the best part is the superb contrast between the sweet, zesty rind and the tart, flavorful flesh. Either are enjoyable on their own, but to consume them together is to know the true essence of a kumquat, or the “grape of the citrus kingdom” as they are not known. Which reminds me, I learned that they’re not quite citrus, belonging to a subgenus of citrus called fortunella.They can be hybridized with citrus fruits producing things such as limequats, orangequats, and the mysterious calamondin. I’ve never seen any kumquat hybrids for sale but I aim to seek some out in the future. Anyone have any _____quat stories or info?


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