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White Sapote

September 8, 2007

White Sapote

While shopping yesterday I came across a plum-sized green fruit called a sapote. I knew of a few different kinds of this fruit — mamey sapote, black sapote, and white sapote (none of which, it turns out, are even related) but the sticker on the fruit just said sapote so I was left to guess what kind it was. Actually, that wasn’t so hard — mamey sapote are biggish and brown , with orange flesh. Apparently they taste like “pumpkin, a combination of pumpkin, chocolate and almond, or a mixture of sweet potato, avocado, and honey.” If this is true, then they are certainly the most delicious of sapote. Black sapote are related to persimmons (a favorite of mine) and apparently taste like chocolate pudding! This little green fruit I bought must be white sapote, then.

The reason for all these unrelated sapote? It comes from a generic Aztec word for soft, sweet fruit.

The white sapote is easy to describe. The texture of its white flesh is almost exactly like that of an avocado, and its flavor is a dead ringer for that of a bosc pear (with a hint of cherimoya). It’s like eating a smooth, creamy pear. The skin is mild, slightly tart but not very flavorful, and doesn’t go with the flesh very well.

Delicious, but unique only in the flavor/texture combo. The fruit has one large seed in the middle and 3-4 small, thin, unformed seeds scattered about that I had to spit out.