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The durian pt. 1 (an ongoing odyssey)

April 23, 2007


(thanks to wikipedia for this photo)

This is the first in a series of posts documenting my attempts to wrap my head (and mouth) around the legendary durian. They will be building up to my next purchase of the fruit, now that I’ve found a local market that sells them.

My first durian experience was over a year ago in Toronto. The large piles of frost-covered durians along the sidewalks of Chinatown were my first time even seeing the fruit in person. I was aware of their famous scent, and, even though I had never smelled one before, it was instantly recognizable as soon as it took a hold of my nose. I managed to find a relatively cheap vendor and, with two of my friends, purchased it. We put it in the trunk of our car and attended a concert.

Many hours later, when we got back in the car, the durian’s odor had permeated every molecule of the interior, and grown in intensity. Now, I actually wouldn’t call the smell unpleasant. It was fruity, but not sweet. Thin and sharp, it gently, but firmly, overpowered anything else you might otherwise be likely to smell. I’m not sure about the others I was with, but the smell actually made me more eager to try it. We took it home.

Durians are heavy and covered with sharp spikes. It actually hurts to hold one in your bare hands. Thus, we expected a bit of a struggle to actually open it, but, quite contrary to its foreboding exterior, it actually split open into five or so segments practically on its own accord. No knife required!

Here’s the bit that is a blur. Investigating the pale yellow, squishy, gooey flesh and large red seeds. Pondering the next move. Taking a bite…

I remember saying that it was like eating creamy garlic, but that it wasn’t bad. However, taking more bites proved more and more difficult until I finally decided it was a lost cause. My friends fared worse than I, and one refused to try it after hearing our descriptions. We tossed the leftovers and I was, temporarily, of the opinion that my days of durian were over. How wrong I was…

Stay tuned for part 2, eventually!