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pineapple + guava = ???

April 28, 2007


It’s tricky describing the taste of an unusual fruit to someone who rarely steps out of their comfort zone, and, understandably, a handy way to get an idea across is through comparison to other fruit. Anything you might read about a feijoa will mention that it’s also known as a pineapple guava, but since rather a lot of things get compared to pineapple, some accurately (monstera) and some not (er, pineapple guava), so that description doesn’t mean a lot. It is definitely guava-like, though. It’s better than a guava! (Perhaps I just have yet to have a really good guava…)

I found feijoas in two local Wegman’s. One store was selling small ones by the pound, the other was selling large avocado-sized ones individually. I bought some of each to compare (though I have not tried the big one yet). Of the three smaller ones, the flavor varied considerably between them. The first was very fragrant when it was cut. The scent immediately reminded me of cherry Lifesavers. The cherry flavor was the first thing I tasted, but it quickly dissipated and was replaced by a slightly tart, fruity taste, delicious but mild. The texture, flavour, and tiny, hard (but edible) seeds were very reminiscent of guavas.

Perhaps the best part of the fruit is the skin, something I discovered by accident. It’s slightly bitter, but in small doses it tastes like oregano and pine (!!) and goes very well with the rest of the fruit.

Of the ones I ate, two had the cherry scent/flavor, and one was a bit more “vegetable-y,” but still tasty. I figured perhaps it was under-ripe, so I’m letting my big one ripen for a while before I try it — more on that one later!