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Cocktail Grapefruit

January 16, 2008

I discovered this tasty citrus fruit in Wegman’s the other day — a cross between a Frua Mandarin (whatever that is) and a Pommelo (one of my favorite citrus fruits). The signs assured me that it was ripe whether yellow or green, and I picked out a mottled yellow-green specimen.

cocktail grapefruit

Here it is posed with mangosteen drink

I like citrus fruit because of the endless variations on a single theme, the way individual tastes can be combined endlessly and no matter how unique a result, it’s still citrus. In this case the cocktail grapefruit combined the sweet, honey-esque touch of tangerine with the distinctive spicy, bitter flavor of a grapefruit. The result is surprisingly complex, and I regret just buying one because it was a flavor that begs to be savored, analyzed, and experienced many times before wrapping one’s mind around it.

The pith (white stuff) was far more palatable than a regular grapefruit, which is a plus.

If grapefruit is a perfect breakfast citrus (tart, refreshing) and pommelo a nice evening, after dinner snack (mellow, satisfying), than the cocktail grapefruit is a perfect lunch side — sweet and energizing. A nice surprise.