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Here I go ’round the mulberry tree

September 5, 2008

I moved into my current place August of last year. When Fall rolled around, an overgrown corner of my back yard revealed itself to be primarily comprised of tangled, unkempt blackberry bushes. The berries were plentiful for at least a couple of weeks.

It’s great having fruit growing in one’s own yard, so that was a pleasant surprise.

Earlier this June, I started a garden right next to those blackberry bushes. Soon after clearing the ground, I noticed large, and apparently ripe, blackberries appearing on my garden’s soil. I scrutinized the blackberry bushes nearby, but didn’t see any berries — let alone ripe ones. Still, there were blackberries on the ground, so I chalked it up to birds stealing the few ripe berries…and dropping them two feet away.

After a couple of weeks, the ground was littered with berries. I remained mystified.

I’d probably still be mystified if my girlfriend hadn’t provided me with a crucial insight. When I told her about the mysterious blackberries, she didn’t look at the blackberry bushes — she looked straight up. Although this made perfect sense, it never occurred to me — I was so sure that they were blackberries. Above my garden is a huge tree, full of berries. I had to do a little research to determine that they are mulberries.

don't eat the green ones!

Mulberries taste like blackberries, basically. There’s less tart and more sweet, which is fine by me. The most stunning part is the sheer volume of fruit. I read that a large tree can produce 11 bushels of berries in a season. Woo!


In search of the *really* good strawberry.

March 27, 2008

When’s the last time you had a REALLY good strawberry? Seems like all you can get around here are big ones whose predominate flavor is “tart” and with only a watered-down hint of strawberry essence. I know I should avoid these attractively enormous grocery store strawberries and try to find some from local farms, and that’s what I’ll do whenever strawberry season rolls around. I’m on a mission: eat some really good strawberries. I know they exist. The last really good strawberry I had was a pea-sized wild strawberry found by the side of the road in the French countryside. That’s my only real lead right now, but I also have inside information that Poland is home to the best strawberries. I will remain dubious until I experience that for myself.

So, anyone have any insight?