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In search of the *really* good strawberry.

March 27, 2008

When’s the last time you had a REALLY good strawberry? Seems like all you can get around here are big ones whose predominate flavor is “tart” and with only a watered-down hint of strawberry essence. I know I should avoid these attractively enormous grocery store strawberries and try to find some from local farms, and that’s what I’ll do whenever strawberry season rolls around. I’m on a mission: eat some really good strawberries. I know they exist. The last really good strawberry I had was a pea-sized wild strawberry found by the side of the road in the French countryside. That’s my only real lead right now, but I also have inside information that Poland is home to the best strawberries. I will remain dubious until I experience that for myself.

So, anyone have any insight?